Terms of Service

Magic Print Box agrees to provide products and services as described in the customer quote and/or invoice, hereby referred to as the ‘Agreement’.

Invoices & Payment

Magic Print Box accepts all major credit cards for payment.  Cash will not be accepted for products and services.  Rates and fees quoted in the Agreement are subject to change until the Agreement is accepted by the customer. Factors that can alter rates and fees can include fluctuations in the cost of fuel, inks, and papers, and are out of the control of Magic Print Box.

Unless otherwise noted, all invoices are due upon receipt. All outstanding invoices must be paid in full before new orders will be accepted by Magic Print Box. Past due invoices are subject to late fees in the amount of 5% of the total amount due, and are assessed at the sole discretion of Magic Print Box. While Magic Print Box may offer a grace period on outstanding invoices, customers who abuse this policy are subject to accumulation of late fee charges, and the forfeit of a grace period on future invoices.  Unless otherwise noted in the Agreement, offering a grace period option on invoices is at the sole discretion of Magic Print Box, and is not a guaranteed benefit.

Product Delivery

Magic Print Box, and its parent company Vincik Enterprises LLC, assume no liability for delayed delivery of products by third party shipping carriers. In the event a product does not pass quality assurance testing while in production, Magic Print Box will re-print the product in our priority queue, and notify the customer of the delay. Magic Print Box will make every effort to expedite the re-printed product order, and ship it to the customer as close to the estimated delivery date as possible.

Production Times

All production turnaround times quoted in the Agreement are estimates only. Magic Print Box makes every effort to produce printed products quickly and efficiently while maintaining quality. Please allow a minimum of 3-5 business days for print production of most standard products, not including time for delivery by third party shipping carriers. Large orders, custom printed products, and products produced in non-local facilities can take longer to produce. Please refer to the Agreement for production estimates and print facility location.